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This is the original Collecting Stamps FAQ.

This FAQ was originally compiled and maintained by Gert Bultman ( Gert deserves most of the credit for the work done with this FAQ.

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When Gert appeared to stop maintaining the FAQ and did not respond to email, Tracy Barber took over maintaining the Collecting Stamps FAQ in response to a request for a volunteer was made in the rec.collecting.stamps newsgroup.

Since that time, the rec.collecting.stamps newsgroup has been replaced by two new newsgroups:


After a while Tracy was replaced by Peter Dolman.

Thank You Gert, Tracy, and Peter.

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Since March 2001 this FAQ has been maintained by Kaleb S. KEITHLEY.

This FAQ pertains only to stamp related topics. If there are any errors in the FAQ or if you wish to contribute to the FAQ, please send E-mail to me at kaleb at and I will reply to you eventually.

March 2001

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